Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sickness and Babies

I know I was sick a lot before getting babies, but now it seems like I'm always sick. I guess part of it is that they bring germs back from the daycare and then passes them on to me and I bring germs from the hotel and pass them on to her. It seems like an endless cycle, right? Well, recently I've tried to change a couple of things to see if maybe we can get through just one month without one of us being sick. This is my checklist to reduce my chances of getting sick and be able to spend more quality and fun time with the babies. As I'm sick again, these changes are being implemented immediately. 1. Change sheets and bedding weekly. Every Saturday they all get changed and washed. 2. Wipe down baby equipment, toys, remotes, doorknobs and handles etc with Lysol wipes or Lysol spray. 3. Take Ester C daily. 4. Daily Multi-vitamin for me. 5. Daily activity outside enjoying the Florida sun. (At least 15 minutes daily) 6. Sleep at least 8 hours nightly. 7. Hand washing is super important also, but I do this all the time anyway so that's not really an issue. 8. During cold season, use paper towels instead of hand towels. (Pre-cut paper towels in half to save on waste and cost) Well, I guess we'll see if the changes that I've made will my improve my health and the health of my babies. I'll keep you posted. Be sure to check out the Giveaways section in the sidebar for the latest contest announcements.

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