Sunday, September 16, 2012

What to do with your old iPhone

 Now that the iPhone V is being released, I bet you've been wondering what to do with that old cell phone.  There's a few different options out there:  you can save it as a backup, you can sell it and make some decent money, or if it's not in great shape you could load it up with games and give it to your kiddos.  As a single mom, I like the last option best. My two year old used to love playing with my cell phone and she loved to play Angry Birds.  Since I use my cell phone for work, I always hesitated to give it to her but if she had her own it would make things so much easier.  Only problem with that is that she was already better at Angry Birds than I am, so I think maybe I should watch some of the video tutorials and learn how to improve my game.  Angry Birds Journal has lots of great tutorials to show you how to advance to new levels.  I basically got to one level and couldn't get past it so I gave up, but now I think I could watch one of the videos and figure it out.  :)

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