Monday, September 17, 2012

Book Review and Giveaway: Exodus Lost:

 It's been a very eventful week due to the placement of two little ones under 3 and then the Central Florida Bloggers Conference on Saturday, but in that time I was able to read another novel so I wanted to share it with you as the author has kindly offered a complimentary autographed copy for one of my readers.  Yay!

Exodus Lost is not typically the kind of book that I would read, but based on the previous reviews I decided to give it a shot and was more than pleased.  Available on for $15.99, this book was very captivating and eye opening to say the least. 

 I thought that the fact that he drew a comparison to Ancient Egypt and Early Aztec Civilization.  I loved that it brought this story forward as an adventure and was filled with tons of pictures and maps to back up the authors theories.  It almost made me feel as thought he was trying to bring us along on the adventure.  Definitely a must read for history/religion buffs!!

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