Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Top 10 Things A Person Should Know About Mystery Shopping

Mary over at Mary's Madness asked people to make a list of 10 Things, so here's mine...

Top 10 Things A Person Should Know About Mystery Shopping

1. You won't make a ton of money at Mystery Shopping, but it's a good part time job and if planned right you can combine several of them into one day and make some decent money.

2. You should not have to pay any money to sign up with a reputable Mystery Shopping company.

3. Excellent Writing Skills, Detailed Oriented and Factual, and able to meet deadlines are the 3 most important qualities in a Mystery Shopper.

4. Mystery Shopping can be lots of fun!

5. Mystery Shopping provides lots of perks such as free meals, free hotel stays, free movies, etc. Perfect for date night.

6. MSPA is the Mystery Shop Providers Association and they offer classes that you can take to become "Certified" to be a Mystery Shopper. Some companies actually require certain certifications in order to be scheduled for a specific job.

7. As a Mystery Shopper, you are not considered to be an Employee but rather an Independent Contractor.

8. As a Mystery Shopper, you are not normally required to have any special tools but a stopwatch(or standard watch with seconds timer), digital camera, fax machine, and voice recorder are the most common items that I have used.

9. There are tons of reputable Mystery Shopping Companies out there so do your research. My two favorite sites for finding reputable companies are: Volition.com and Mysteryshop.org.

10. Mystery Shopping expenses can be considered tax deductible in some cases as they are related to business earning. Please consult a tax specialist for details.

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