Thursday, October 15, 2009

What on earth is a Job Design Body Kit?

I recently heard the term Job Design Body Kit and I had absolutely no idea what that meant. Did it have something to do with body sculpting or liposuction or was it a fabulous new exercise plan like P90x? So, I looked it up on the internet and "Job Design" is a manufacturer of after market Lexus body parts. They also offer parts for Mercedes, Infinity and Chrysler vehicles. The coolest part of all of this is their Hybrid series that allows you to reduce your carbon footprint by modifying your Lexus LS460 and LS600 Hybrid vehicles. By using a job design body kit, you can transform your factory Lexus into a stylish original automobile. I love sporty new look. Now, while this is something that the average person might not be interested, I think the possibility of changing your vehicle into a stylish masterpiece is exciting to say the least. Just take a look at this beautiful Mercedes with a completion series body design kit.

Since one of my dream cars is the Lexus RS350, I would love to see one of them with the lead series installed because apparently it can put the "sport" in sport utility vehicle.

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