Friday, July 31, 2009

Tips for all of my new bloggy friends

I've been working with several of my friends to help them set up their own money making blogs. Some of them are pretty computer savvy and not afraid to try anything while others are simply afraid they are going to mess something up. I have assured everyone that there is nothing that can't be fixed, but some of them are just afraid to take that next step. When I started out almost 3 years ago, I started out by simply reading other blogs and trying some of the things that they did. Not only did I learn alot and I found quite a few interesting blogs, but it taught me that I can't be afraid to try something that I have absolutely no idea how to do. Like everyone, I have made mistakes but I keep going because I am determined to get to my goal one of these days.

I still look for new blogs all the time because I truly believe that there is no better way to learn than research and action. One of the best blogs that I have found recently is When I found it, I had absolutely no idea who Amy Africa was but as I started reading I found out that not only is her blog or "Qlog" as she calls is informative and fun at the same time. She starts each one of her posts with some little story to drag her readers in and then she springs these awesome tips on you. She calls it a "Qlog" because it is 99% Queries and Quintessentials & 1% Quibblings. I love that!

One of the more interesting entries that can be found at is a post called "Puttin Spanx on a Sidewinder". Not only is comical because I can see a similar thing happening to all of us at one time or another, but it lead into an amazing post about what customers really want. Her most recent post was titled "Should you really follow the leader". That post really opened my eyes to make me think that no matter what I do, I always need to look at things from the customers perspective. Just because something is all flashy and pretty doesn't mean that's user friendly.

Needless to say, this is another blog that I will be reading at least once a week to help keep me in the know. I feel like the more I know, the more successful I will be.


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