Thursday, March 05, 2009

Walk In Bathtubs in Hotels

It's official, Bike Week has gotten off to a very successful start and we have been sold out or close to it 5 out of the last 7 nights. Tonight, we were sold out with the exception of a handicap accessible room with one of the Walk In Bathtubs . When I talked to my front desk clerk a little while ago, he had just sold the room. Most people might think that this room might be kind of awkward, but I have stayed in this room before and found that the Walk In Bathtub is very nice and makes it easy to get into if you have balance problems or you have some sort of injury. Our walk in shower room is very similar to the Polystone 3 x 5 Handicapped shower. This unit is complete with walls, shower base, ramp Handicapped shower and has an easily accessible 8" entry ramp.

Other options are the Diamond Elite Plus with a low 1-inch-high entry. This unit is 3-times thicker and stronger than any other walk in bath tub. It comes with all the fixtures and is priced lower than walk-in tubs of lower qualities. Walk-in tubs are perfect for the elderly, those in therapy or physically challenged. Made of high quality fiberglass these easy install units have an optional whirlpool system.

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