Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I let stress get to me today

In the first time in a long time, I let stress get to me today. Our hotel has been without hot water for almost 2 weeks and I have so many people who are completely outraged that it hasn't been fixed. Well, there's a whole lot of reasons why it hasn't been which all begin with the fact that the previous owner was a cheat and obviously paid off someone to pass inspection in order to open the hotel. Needless to say the plumbing problems are plentiful and after promising the guests that the plumber would be there this afternoon to again rebalance the valves, the plumber failed to show. At 4:30pm, I called to find out where he was and was told that he wasn't going to make it today but he would be there at 7am tomorrow. I lost it, I honestly felt like I was going to explode at that moment and I started gathering my bag and my purse and told the front desk clerk I had to go. I knew what was going to happen because the same thing had happened a few months back. I barely made it to the car before I became so emotional that I burst into tears. I let the stress get to me and I know it was stupid, but I couldn't control it. I felt better after I let it out, but in the meantime my Executive Housekeeper called and I started again while telling her why I had to leave. At this point, I honestly wish all of the guests would just leave until we can get the problem fixed.

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