Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Laser Eye Surgery

My mom told me a couple of weeks ago that she now has a cataract in her left eye. When I was younger, I remember her having cataract surgery on her right eye at a laser eye clinic in Clarksville, Indiana. I guess we all assumed that she wouldn't get another one in her good eye since the first one was originally caused by her pregnancy with my brother. I guess we assumed wrong, because now she not only experienced a huge decrease in her vision but she now has another cataract that will probably need to be taken care of. It's kind of scary to me because I worry about them being hereditary and I am absolutely terrified of the puffed air eye test that can help to identify them. Eyesight is an important thing and there are so many things that can now be corrected by laser surgery.

Awhile ago a friend of mine had lasik surgery and went from wearing coke bottle glasses to being able to see almost 20/20. Over the years, I've heard of more and more people doing this but luckily my eyesight has never been bad enough where I would need to consider that as an option. While I do have some problems with my eyesight, most of them are corrected through the use of reading glasses. When I was younger, I burned my eyes in the tanning bed so when it's dark and rainy I sometimes have a problem with glare. I don't think that is something that could be corrected by lasik surgery and it's not something that really has a big affect on my life. Laser eye surgeries such Boston lasik surgery, cataract surgery and more, be sure to check out Boston Laser for the latest information on how to correct your eyesight problems.

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