Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hermes Christmas

I've heard of them but never actually seen one up close...I know lots of celebrities have Hermes bags and the first one that I actually remember hearing about was when Martha Stewart was going to trial in New York and there was this big controversy about how much her bag cost. I would never be able to afford a luxury like that and even if I could I don't think I would ever ask for a Hermes for Christmas Christmas for me has never been about getting big ticket items but usually about getting the things that I need or couldn't buy for myself.

When I think of Hermes, I think of Birken bags like the one that Rory got as a gift on Gilmore Girls. Apparently, there are some expensive Hermes items that are more affordable for example a silk scarf. What do think? Have you ever considered asking for such an expensive gift? What about one of the scarves or a designer perfume? Stylehive has information on everything fashion related so if you are looking for information on any designer, trend, or fashion forward movement be sure to check them out first.
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1 comment:

Araceli said...

Designer perfume will be a nice gift if you know about receiver's prefrence for it.