Friday, December 05, 2008

Available Credit

In the past, I've told you that I have two credit cards that I use just for emergency expenses. They both have around a $500 credit line but it gives me piece of mind knowing that if I need tires or other emergency repairs that the credit is there. With my mortgage, I have cut my budget close, so to have that cushion is a necesity in my opinion. It's the one thing that could help me get to work in the event that my car breaks down. As part of the Law Of Attraction, I try not to think about these things because I feel that if I do it might actually happen however having a credit line for me works for me because it gives me a feeling of abundance and I'm not stressing about money, therefore I have more money.

There are alot of ways to get a credit card, you can get one from your banking institution, you can get one from those offers that come to you in the mail or you can get one online by finding the companies that offer the best rates and rewards. I highly prefer the last option, because I'm all about finding the best rate. If you want to Apply for Credit Card, there are many different sites to go to but I recommend one where you can compare the different cards. Extra Credit Cards helps you compare rates and rewards of many different cards to help you find the best deal for you. For me, the rate was the most important thing because I use mine as an emergency card only. I have rewards with debit cards so that didn't really matter to me. Just remember, if you apply for a credit card it will show up on your credit report and could affect your credit so be careful and find the best card before you apply.

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