Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Party Planning Made Easy

It's that time of year again where it's time to plan a Holiday Party for my employees. That is a little harder for me because 75% is Spanish Speaking so not everyone can participate in the same things. Last year we had a nice dinner, gift giving, and then we had karaoke. Well this year we won't have the karaoke machine, so we have to figure something else out. We decided this year that we might try to do a few fun things to shake things up. One of them was to have a White Elephant Gift Exchange. This could be a fun and exciting way to do the gift exchange and could really kick off our Christmas Party Games to a great start. One of the games that I really like is to try to see who can break the pinata. This would be a fun and easy way to get everyone involved. The other game that I really liked was the candy cane fishing. We would definitely keep the plastic on the candy cane for this one because it could get really messy if not. I want my employees to have fun so I'm really happy that I was able to find some activities that can involve everyone. They told me that last year was the best Christmas Party they had ever had, but I think this year just might top it.

If you are planning a Holiday Party, be sure to check out Celebrations.com. They have great ideas for everything from Birthday parties to Baby Showers.

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Ruth said...

It sounds like your Christmas Party will be a real hit with your employees. Definitely more fun than the standard dinner and drinks type party.

I'm thinking of doing a treasure hunt in the office this year. I found a great book by Nancy Kruse, Treasure Hunt-A Book of Clues for Parties, that's got a lot of fun ideas for getting everyone involved.

Nancy said...

If you're looking for new ideas for parties, especially gift giving parties, a treasure hunt is really a lot of fun for everyone. It has an ice breaking effect and invites guest participation. It's really easy to do if all the clues are provided and you can use your talents and imagination to modify the clues if necessary, to fit any home or theme. Check it out at treasurehuntcluesbook.com