Friday, November 21, 2008

Back on track

It's official, I'm back on track with my diet and I lost 7 pounds this week. It still doesn't make up for what I gained during the last couple of weeks, but at least it's a move in the right direction. I have been focused on working out and have worked out 3 days already this week and will do so again today and tomorrow. I think for me that is really the secret to getting the scale moving. Next weeks goal is 4 pounds as I have to take into consideration the fact that my parents are coming in and it's Thanksgiving. No Desserts for me though.

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Honey Mommy said...

Seven pounds is AMAZING!
I would only have to lose 7 pounds 4 times to reach my goal... but I don't think it is going to go that fast for me!

Good luck this next week!

Julie Myers said...

7 lbs! How wonderful for you! It's just the kind of motivation that one needs to stay on track! Cheers for you!!!!!! Best Wishes!

Christie O. said...

welcome back!! i was wondering about you!!! congrats on the 7 pounds!!

Christie O. said...
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