Monday, October 13, 2008

What are you going to be for Halloween?

I have a Halloween Party to go to next week and then I am going on the Boos Cruise over Halloween, so I have searched long and far for a Halloween Costume that fits my body type. It is really tough to find Halloween Costumes in a larger size that aren't too provocative, but I finally found one I liked. For the Party on the 25th, I am going to be a Pirate Woman and here is a picture of my costume.

For the Boos Cruise, I am going to be Betty Rubble since my friend Kim is going to be Wilma Flintstone. Unfortunately, I have to make my costume because the ones that they had in the stores was too short for my long legs. Basically, if I bent over at all you would be able to see everything. So, I went to JoAnn fabrics yesterday and got some fabric and I will make a very simple strapless dress. If I have problems, I may recruit one of my employees but right now I think I can handle it.

So, what are your plans for Halloween and what are you going to be? What are the kiddies going to be?

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1 comment:

Sanaa said...

Great choice..! Pirate Woman would be a great idea for Halloween.