Monday, October 13, 2008

Have you ever done a Genealogy search?

A while back, I did a genealogy search based on information my mom had given me about our family. We were actually able to find information that was taken from newspapers back in the 20's regarding birth and death records as well as marriages and other relative information. It was very interesting to find this type of information and I was actually able to find out that I was distantly related to one of my very close friends. Isn't that cool?

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1 comment:

jenny said...

yes its a lots of fun to work on youe family tree and with genealogy its one of the things i like to do a lot of when i'm on here as to being on line and well i too found out that well me and one of my friends also have a aunsister or 2 that well we where realted to as well . and well if you ever need help with your genealgy geting it past the 1920's and back let me know and i see if i can try and find some thing for you over the years i have goting pretty good at the genealogy stuff infact thay do use 1 of my program files i did on my family tree in some liebeary in pa and well from my other file i did on my dad's family tree i found out that well i had a cousent that did not live to farr from me like olny 5 mils a way. comeing from my tuck family tree lines.