Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where were you on that fateful day? 9-11-01

I was at work at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and I remember that the Director had a TV in his office and must have been notified by Security about what happened. There were probably over 100 people that worked in our office but we all seemed to file in to see what was going on. We didn't realize that there was a problem until the second plane had crashed into the World Trade Center, we were like everyone else who thought that the first one must have been some sort of accident. Soon after it was announced that the second one had crashed, we started hearing the fighter jets flying over to secure the air space above. That was the scariest thing to me because apparently someone in a high ranking position must have thought that we were a target and had ordered the flyovers. Now, every time that I hear a fighter jet I think of that day.

We were sent home that morning after the crash at the Pentagon and on my drive back to Daytona Beach, I realized that our world had changed forever. I will never forget all of the lives that were lost on that horrible day. To me, this was the Pearl Harbor of our generation.

When we were allowed to go back to work at the Space Center, we soon found out that our jobs had been eliminated because the tourists would no longer be coming to the Space Center in the numbers that they had been.

That was the end of my career at Kennedy Space Center and the end of a dream come true.

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Scarlet O'Kara said...

I remember where and what too...

Ginny said...

Oh wow, so many jobs lost. My husband builds houses & soon after 9-11 all the houses that they had scheduled got shut down, so he lost his job as well.

I was driving my daughter to daycare that day, my youngest was only 2 months old, I remember being so upset that I brought a new baby into a world of war. I think the hormones of just having a baby made it hard on me.