Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Staying Organized

I am probably one of the least organized people that I know. It's not that I haven't tried to get organized but usually I will do a cleaning session and get everything looking really nice and then go back to my same old ways and just let it all slide again. That is the case with most things, but one of the things that I did to get more organized was to buy one of the Dymo Label Makers. I use mine for everything, but I originally bought it to help me keep track of my Italian Charms. One of the big things that Label Makers can be used for is for Back To School. Not only can you organize homework, gym equipment and lunch time goodies, but it can also be used for organizational bins and shelving. If you work in office, they can be used to label your file folders, binders, and office supplies. We have one at work that we use for our nametags. The labels come in many different styles and colors and can be used on virtually anything. They are also very easy to remove when they need to be and don't have to be scraped off like some labels.

They can also be used in the kitchen to help you keep track of dates on the food that you freeze or refrigerate as well as to help you organize your pantry.

I could go on all day with the many uses for the Dymo Label Maker, but I think you should try to come up with some on your own. If you have one, what do you use it for? How has it helped you?

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