Friday, June 20, 2008

Make Money With Currency Exchange without using Forex

Curious? It's easy and involves no risk. Do a Mystery Shop at a currency exchange location.

CSE has great shopping opportunities in airports and other locations
around the US and Canada. They have both pre and post security shops in

For a Post-Security shop, you must have your own access to get through
security. This means that you must either be flying through or be
badged at the airport. If the location is a pre-security airport location or
a regular public location, feel free to apply.

These shops are quick and easy and will only take a few minutes to
complete. You will simply approach the location, pose a question and have a
brief interaction with an associate. The form consists of mostly
Yes/No questions and only a brief narrative.

This shop pays $15 per location and there is NO purchase necessary.

Shops are available in the following airports aside from the
non-airport locations:

Edmonton- Post Security
Toronto (Pearson)- Post Security

JFK- Pre and Post Security
Raleigh/Durham- Pre and Post Security
San Francisco- Post Security

When applying, please be sure to indicate the month you will be flying
through (if airport), as well as the terminal and airline you will be
flying if possible. The more information you can give us the better!
Please include date available if non-airport location

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at


No restrictions on this shop.


Business Type/Name: Currency Exchange
Due Date : 06-27-08
Shop can not be performed BEFORE 06-19-08

Available Shops:
* CA: San Francisco->

* MA: Peabody->

* NC: Raleigh->

* NY: Jamaica->

* AB: Edmonton->

* ON: Toronto->

To sign up for these shops, click here. Remember it is always free to sign up to shop with reputable mystery shopping companies.

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