Sunday, June 22, 2008

I just joined The Summer of Me Weightloss Challenge

Baby Tea Leaves has organized the Summer of Me Weightloss Challenge and I have just entered. I have a goal to lose 15 pounds during the contest and I'm hoping that since I have a lot to lose, the competition will keep me moving and on track. I got a free membership to the YMCA, so I have to make the best use of it possible. I am also going to focus on eating healthy meals of meats and vegetables with little of the extras such as breads and sweets.

-Set of body wash, lotion, bubble bath and a loofah from Bath & Body Works
-T-shirts from One More Mile, a really cool online running gear store (you must check out their great slogans!My personal favorite is "Stress relief in progress")
-One More Mile will also give a magnet or a sticker with one of their cool slogans on it to anyone who reaches their weight loss goal during the challenge
-Free Customized Blog Design by Doodlebug Designs
-Set of three lotions, Tranquility, Sleep, and Energy
-Camelback Hydration Pack (this is one of my favorite things ever!)

The prize list looks great and is growing. I would love to have that Hydration Pack, those look really neat.

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Christie O. said...

yay! welcome! I have about that to lose too! let's get er done!

Christie O. said...
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SunEGrl said...

I will feel so much better if I get at least 15 pounds off, I think it will make me feel like I have accomplished something and then I will have the motivation to keep going.