Monday, June 23, 2008

Current photo for Weight Loss Challenge

Yesterday, I joined The Summer of Me Weightloss Challenge, so I decided to post a picture showing everyone how much weight I have gained so that when I finish the challenge everyone will be able to see the difference. This picture was taken at a Friday the 13th Party and as you can see I have gained alot. My goal for this challenge is 15.8 pounds and I will try to accomplish this by healthy dieting and working out. I am also going to try to control the stress in my life because I feel that this is the biggest trigger for my bad habits. If anyone else needs to lose a few pounds, and wants to join in feel free to do so. I would love some additional support and would gladly be supportive of any of my readers who are wanting to participate. The ultimate goal here is that we get healthy.

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Christie O. said...

i had a picture too of me that i was so unhappy with and that was a really big motivator for me. (that and a family member who was talking about a workout they do saying "you'd like this you used to be an athlete" and the words "used to" hung in the air over me like a cloud. anyway, i posted my picture too and it took a lot for me to do it, so good for you! let's do this!

SunEGrl said...

Thanks Christie, I was really nervous about posting the pic because I still can't believe the girl in the pic is me. I "used to" be thin and have no idea how things went so wrong. This is a motivational thing for me so that is why I decided to go ahead and post it. I figure that if I lose 16 pounds, not only will I feel better but I will look better.

-Bridget said...

Good luck! I admire anyone that is up for a weight loss challenge. I have struggled with that all my life.