Sunday, September 09, 2012

Review of Unreal Candy

 As most of you know I  am a BzzAgent, so from time to time I receive products for free to try and give my opinion.  I was lucky enough to receive some coupons for FREE Unreal Candy, so as I hadn't seen them in the stores, I looked on their facebook page to see where I could find.  I found that they were recently stocked in CVS stores, so  I went to buy them and found that they were 2/$2.  When I went to the kiosk to print my CVS coupons I got a coupon for .75 off any 2 candies.  I had a Buy 1/Get 1 coupon from Unreal, so for 2 packs of candies I only paid a quarter.  Yippee! 

Have you heard of Unreal Candies?   I hadn't heard of them before this opp, but I researched them and found that they are free of artificial ingredients, hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, and preservatives.  They are also better for you than the alternative.  (See link)

Once I got back to work, I waited until my 3pm cravings started and then opened the bag of Chocolate Candy Shells which are supposed to be similar to Plain M&M's.  They were good!  Really good actually.  Not too sweet, but just sweet enough.  Plus, they have 19g of sugar as compared to 31g.  Woo hoo!

In conclusion, I will definitely be buying these candies again so thanks BzzAgent for introducing me to these great new candies.

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