Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Clean Air Must Haves

As a mom to a baby girl that has breathing problems from time to time, an air purifier is a must have item. I bought an air purifier back in June after my baby girl was hospitalized due to some chronic breathing problems. The air purifier that I bought has a HEPA Filter and a UV Light to kill germs and bacteria. Since June, I have noticed a significant improvement in her breathing as well as my allergies and I attribute that in part to the air purifier. If you are considering buying an air purifier, I found a great Buying Guide that can help to inform you and make your decision a little easier. In addition to the air purifier I bought a new vacuum with a HEPA filter and it has a special pet hair brush that is amazing. Last but not least, I buy the Allergen reducing air filters and replace them every 45 days. They say on the packaging that they will last up to 90 days, but with two cats I’m not taking any chances. Be sure to check out the Giveaways section in the sidebar for the latest contest announcements.

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