Friday, January 13, 2012

Traveling nurses for the elderly

In my line of work, I see tons of different people every day and some of them are here for business some for pleasure and some are here visiting family or possibly having medical treatments at our local medical facilities.  This week, I've seen a lot of the latter.  I've had two cancer patients receiving treatment, one cancer patient visiting the Reiki doctors out at Cassadaga, a sweet older gentleman who's family was going to be coming in for a visit while he was having a surgery at the end of the month.  My heart really goes out to these people who are not in the comforts of their own home and some of them don't even have family with them.  The one cancer patient was here by herself and definitely needed some assistance.  We tried the best that we could, but we are not trained to assist her and we really shouldn't be doing that.  In those types of instances, it's nice to know that  you can call a traveling nurse who can be of assistance.  I remember, a few years back there was a lady that stayed in the hotel for a good while and she had another room for her nurse.  As time went on, we discovered that the nurse was a traveling nurse who was here to assist her during her treatments. 

Nursing World is a professional organization that has a great directory of Registered Nurses that are available in your area.  It's nice to know that there is a resource out there for some of those people that I can refer to when things like this happen. 

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Great Post! I would love to win the Volumetrics CD!

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