Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This guest post from Lenny Mcknight. The last time I found a concert that I really wanted to go to the tickets were sold out before I even had a chance to really look and see how much they would be or where I would like to sit in the venue. So while I was on the Ticketmaster web site I decided to sign up for some notifications so this won’t happen again. I want to be poised at my keyboard the moment those tickets go on sales so that I will be ready to hit “purchase” before everyone else and hopefully get some great seats for the concert. I think one thing that will help me is that I got a new internet connection. I was using dial up but now I am using satellite internet. You should see the difference between satellite vs dial up internet. My new internet is better and so I think this time when those Taylor Swift concert tickets go on sale I will be set and ready to pounce at exactly Ten o’clock AM. I will already have my seats picked out and have my mouse hovering over the “buy” button. Be sure to check out the Important Announcements section of my blog for the latest contest announcements.

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