Friday, December 09, 2011

Flash Giveaway #2 Envelope full of coupons

I have an envelope of over $50.00 in coupons that I will be giving away.  Many health and beauty items, cleaning products, baby coupons, food, etc.

To enter, all I need you to do is tell me what is the best extreme couponing deal you ever did.  For example, I like to do the Free items at Walgreens and CVS and combine them with coupons, so one day I bought over $40.00 in merchandise and walked out of CVS with over $60.00 in ExtraBucks so I essentially made $20.00.  I'm not a big time extreme couponer by any means, but I do love free stuff and I love hearing your stories about your deals.  So, c'mon give me your best I can't wait to hear it. 

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This contest will end at 9pm tonight and I will announce the winner immediately following.  I will have another flash giveaway starting later today for another book and tote bag combo. 

Be sure to check out the Important Announcements section of my blog for the latest contest announcements.
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Stacey McPherson said...

The best deal we've done was this year on Thanksgiving at Walgreens. I looked at the ad and then went to the store the night before to see where everything was and what they actually had in stock. I then went home and spent about 20min gathering coupons and separating into different transactions to get the biggest bang for the buck. We ended up with 9 transactions. When I woke up Thanksgiving morning I was too sick to do the shopping. I was totally bummed- I had spent so much preparation time. My wonderful hubby rescued the day and went for me. He stuck to the plan completely and was out of the store in less than 30 min. The total value was $177. We only spent $8.76 and we left with an additional $19.50 in register rewards remaining!!

Stacey McPherson said...
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Madi said...

The best deal Ive ever had was at CVS . I spent $4.09 and got $50 of products plus a $10 gift card! I have a breakdown and picture of it on my blog.

kristina quinones said...

i use my coupons every week shopping and can usually feed my family of 4 for about $40 a week

kristina quinones said...

i use my coupons every week shopping and can usually feed my family of 4 for about $40 a week

kristina quinones said...

i liked u on facebook and followed u on twitter and i subscribed to ur rss feed :) thanks for the chance to win

pebbles4112 said...

The best shopping I did this year was at Walmart. I bought $249 worth of items and with coupons I got paid....yes paid $31.69. I was so excited.

Angelia Vazquez said...

My first ever best experience so far with coupons and deals is at Victoria Secret. I was able to get 2 pair of pink underwear, PINK plush dog and PINK show underwear completely free! I didn't have to pay a cent. Forty dollars worth stuff for FREE! I was so proud of myself considering it is a clothing store and all. It is the only thing I have done with coupons and deals. I am a beginner so my start has made me addicted! :)

Angelia Vazquez said...

Like Facebook page

Angelia Vazquez said...

Shared on my facebook wall

Anonymous said...

I have only been couponing for about a month so the best I have done was on paper products the total was around $40.00 and I paid $9.00 and some change
Donna McClellon
Addy Faith Bag's

Buddy said...

The best deal I did was probably Walgreens with the cottenelle toliet paper. I ended up with enough for a year and spent only a couple dollars out-of-pocket. I love coupons!

janice said...

I love the coupon because it is so much fun finding good deals