Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Biggest Loser starts in 2 weeks

I'm so excited that Biggest Loser is going to be starting back up again soon, but I'm very sad that Jillian is going to be missing from the show.  She will be sadly missed, but at least I will get to see my dear Bob.  Wouldn't be the same without him.  Can't wait to see all of the new contestants!

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Aimee @ Just Kidding Around Atlanta said...

I love that show to! It's motivating me - I am getting out and walking every day now. If those folks can work out like they do for hours a day, what's my excuse!? I haven't got a favorite on the show yet though, do you?

Aimee @

Dena said...

Aimee, I know I love this show for that reason. I get motivated every Tuesday. I think my favorite is the 40-yr old with the knee injury because I can really identify with her. I have a knee injury also and for so long I've shied away from exercise because I don't want to damage it more but I figure if she can do it, then so can I. I've been working on my upper body lately and I'm really starting to see a difference. I've lost almost 20lbs in the last 6 weeks and while that doesn't sound like a lot, for me it is. It makes me very happy.