Friday, October 08, 2010

Update from SunEGrl

On August 10th, my beloved Makenzee crossed the Rainbow Bridge after being diagnosed with cancer in January. It's taken me awhile to write this, but I knew some of you would be confused when you read the post about the 9 Lives review and my new kitten. Luckily, I had 7 months to deal with the idea of losing him because we were together just him and I for the last 14 years.


Since I haven't been without a cat for over 20 years, I decided that I needed to immediately adopt a new kitten. On August 12th, I picked up my 2.25lb kitten from Seminole County Animal Services and named him Sebastian. When I first saw him, I knew I had to adopt him, he had the biggest eyes and would have jumped right into my arms if he hadn't been in the cage. So I brought him home and he was doing great for a few days with the exception of a cold. That cold quickly turned into pneumonia and he had to be hospitalized for a couple of days or he would have died. It's been a rough couple of months, and I still miss Mak every day but I'm so happy that I now have Sebastian. He is the sweetest little thing(except for when he is scratching me) and I take comfort in the fact that had I not adopted him, he surely would have died for the pneumonia.


So, as you can see I've had a good reason for being away from my blog. I promise, I am going to try to update more often from now on.

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Sherry said...

sis long time no here, how you doing?

Kepler Manuel said...

Nice blog!