Monday, October 26, 2009


As you know, this blog is called SunEGrl Loves To Shop, so last Sunday I went shopping with some of the girlfriends and as we were going through the mall I noticed those big comfy looking massage chairs that you have to pay for. We had been shopping all day and as we passed by I noticed that almost every one of them was occupied by men who were waiting on their wives or girlfriends or kids who must have just thought that they were kind of cool. We had been shopping for awhile, and I actually considered sitting down in one myself to try it out. They looked terribly comfortable and I thought to myself how great it would be to have one in my home. Forget the LazyBoy, a massage chair is even better. That's half the fun of getting a pedicure which I need to try to do tomorrow after work. Human Touch massage chairs mimic the techniques used by massage professionals. They even have handheld massagers, foot and calf machines which would be great for those long days at work and a full line of relaxation furniture.

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