Monday, October 26, 2009

Natural Flea Control

As you know my cat Makenzee is 13 years old and is starting to have some health problems. Over the last couple of years, most of the problems have been from either his sensitive stomach or the onset of kidney disease but when I lived in Port Orange we had a constant battle with fleas. I don't really know why, but every year we had a battle on our hands so I would have to fight with him to give him a treatment every month and half the time it didn't really work and we would end up with fleas in the house. I think that I was dragging them in as I walked to the house. He's an inside cat so he never went outside. The other battle that I had was that there was carpet throughout the house which made flea control even more difficult. Recently, I ran across a site that focuses on natural flea extermination. I was so happy to find this site because a couple of years ago Makenzee had such a bad reaction to a flea treatment that it was almost like he had a blood clot or something in his legs. He literally would try to walk and his legs just wouldn't work. I took him to the vet, and the vet told me that some cats have a reaction to certain chemicals in the treatments and he recommended that I try Capstar and Revolution. Since putting Makenzee on those two things we haven't had any problems. When I found that I could practice natural flea control and not only save money but make Makenzee flea free, I was a happy girl. We do still use Revolution, but just as a precaution. Luckily, since moving to Orange City we have been flea free in part due to the fact that I have no carpet in my entire house. Love tile floors. :)

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