Saturday, September 19, 2009

I ♥ Chocolate

Ok, it's true. I will confess it to all of you. I ♥ chocolate! Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate are my fave, but I also like White Chocolate in moderation. Granted any kind of chocolate candy should probably be banned from my diet but I really feel like if I have just a little bit of chocolate every day I have a much better chance of succeeding at a weight loss lifestyle. I would say that my favorites are Whoppers, Kit Kat, Skor candy bars, and M&M's with Tootsie rolls and butterfingers coming in close behind. Have any of you heard about the new Coconut M&M's? One of my friends has talked about them on facebook but I still have yet to find them. I was checking out some prices online for candy to be used in our sales packets and I ran across They are a online retailer for bulk, wholesale candies. They have everything from chocolates to hard to find items such as birth announcement candy cigars to milk chocolate poker chips. How fun would that be for a Las Vegas Night? While their prices are a little higher than the drug stores, I guess there is something to be said for convenience. If you have a big event such as a wedding or party that you are shopping for, this might be a good place to check out. I'm hungry now, so I'm guess I'm going to go see what sounds good to me. I'm thinking a Kit Kat bar sounds pretty awesome right now, but I really overdid it on my diet this week so I think I will settle for a Fiber One Chocolate & Oats bar.

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1 comment:

SANDY said...

I'm in the minority; but I am not a chocolate person. I always opt for a vanilla milkshake over a chocolate. Always opt for vanilla icecream over chocolate and alawys a fruit pie over chocolate cake.

Thanks for placing my advert, it's appreciated.