Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Fashionable Plus Size Clothing

Ok, part of my goal for my new dating plan is that when I go out, I'm going to dress more feminine. Rather than wearing jeans and a cute top all the time, I'm going to wear a skirt or dress at least twice per month. I love how I feel in a dress as long as I'm comfortable in it, so if I have something that is long enough to cover my knees I think I should be good to go. Something similar to my dress from the Biggest Loser Fashion Show would be great for either a night out with the girls or a date night.

I was browsing through the Womens Catalog at Simply Be and I found a cute Little Black Dress. I think something like this might be the answer because not only will it cover my knees but it's also sexy by showing my shoulders and a little(not too) cleavage. Simply Be has all kinds of cute and sexy clothing for us plus size girls. They have everything from tops and jeans to lingerie and dresses.

It's funny, but I used to think that Plus Size Fashions were usually just frumpy, always had too much material, and just made me feel bigger for some reason. What I've discovered though is that, it's all in how the item is designed. If you find something that is flattering to your body shape you can look just as fashionable and sexy as those skinny girls. Half the battle is feeling good about yourself, and the other half is feeling good about what you are wearing. I think this dress or something similar would make me feel awesome and that would ultimately help me project in a positive way. What do you think? What kind of clothes make you feel sexy?

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TH said...

so pretty! :)