Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wedge Heels are the best

More shoe shopping today and I just ran across this adorable pair of wedge heel sandals. For quite some time, my favorite shoe style has been the wedge heel sandal. I have a few different including dress and casual styles. I used to wear a wedge heel sandal everday to work, but they wore out and I haven't been able to find a pair that is quite dressy enough. I can always find cute casual styles like this Charlotte Ronson sandal in a classic espadrille style. Chocolate colored straps are adorned with gold tone studs and would be great for everything from a weekend at the beach to casual Fridays. The price is absolutely amazing because they have been discounted down to $30.80, a savings of over $123.00. Since they have them in my size, I've decided to go ahead and get them because it's hard for me to find shoes that I really like. I am a little worried that they might not fit especially since it's a final sale. I guess if they don't fit, I can always put them up for sale in my Ecrater store. They does have a 3 1/2" heel, but with the wedge heel it doesn't bother me so much. I can just see myself wearing these with a cute skirt, capri pants, or even a pair of jeans. Because they are the brown color, I can wear them with so many things. Well, I guess that's enough shoe shopping for today. How many of you shop for shoes online? Do you have a problem getting them to fit?

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