Sunday, March 15, 2009

Unatag for privacy

I just heard about this new service called Unatag, where you register and receive a 10-digit identifier that can be given out to family, friends and colleagues. I kind of like this idea because I feel like it could actually help to prevent spam and unauthorized contact. By registering with you have several options with which to share your information. You can either opt to share it with everyone so that it is listed in the directory, or you can choose to share it with only those people who have your unique unatag #, or you can do as I did and choose to keep the information private so that you can list it on your websites in place of other contact information. I really like this option, because as I mentioned I really think that it will cut down on spam tremendously. In order for someone to see your information, you must give them permission. I have started creating one for myself, so feel free to check it out. I haven't added most of my information yet, but I'm working on it. You can add your social networking information, your website information and even your IM screen names. It's really kind of cool.


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