Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Real Work At Home Opportunities

Have you heard about Call Center jobs? There are actually jobs out there where you can work from home and take calls and make as much as $14 an hour. The following companies specialize in outsourced call center jobs that can be done from home and generally pay $7 to $14 an hour. Be careful though because some of them only per minute that you're on the phone. For example, LiveOps which takes calls for infomercial customers. Do your research: There may be charges for a background and credit check (not unusual in this industry) as well as training, incorporation, and equipment fees: a headset ($75 or so), high-speed Internet access, a dedicated landline, and current software.

Arise.com, workingsolutions.com, liveops.com, alpineaccess.com, and westathome.com

Just the other day, I noticed that there are also job boards that charge an access fee but the offset is that you don't have to wade all of the postings to find the real work at home opportunities. Pay sites are: virtualassistants.com and tjobs.com.

Momcorps.com on the other hand is a free job board geared toward stay-at-home mothers as well as a staffing service that lets you post a detailed profile. Pay $9.95 a month and your profile jumps to the top of an employer's search.

Some of the most attractive work-at-home jobs can be found at vipdesk.com, which hires virtual personal assistants for clients. In order qualify, you need to submit a résumé and writing sample, agree to a background and credit check, interview by phone twice, train for ten days, provide references, and be available to work nights, weekends, and holidays. Hourly pay is $14 to $20, so hopefully it's worth the time and effort.

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Ruz said...

Is this really worth it? I have checked other sites like oDesk but you need to take some tests. I think blogging is still the easiest.