Sunday, January 11, 2009

Moving Expenses

It's close to that time of year where Uncle Sam requires us to file our tax returns and most of us hope and pray that we will get a big enough refund check to cover household repairs or other things that we have been putting off for as long as possible. I am one of those people. Having bought my home in February 2008, I am anticipating a fairly large refund check and I'm hoping that it will cover the cost of some repairs and allow me to buy a new TV for living room. When I moved in, I hired a Moving Company to move me from Port Orange to Orange City and I am hoping that I will qualify to have that expense used as a deduction. Even though I am hoping for a deduction, I searched far and wide for the best price on local Moving Companies. I was looking for someone who is not only reputable but affordable. I ended up going with someone who had been in my networking group because I had heard such great things about them. Since they are no longer in my group, I might try researching other companies. There are some companies that even qualify as International Movers in the event that one of these days I do get my dream home in the Caribbean. For the time being, I am just hoping that my expenses for this move are deductible so that I can start saving for my dream home.

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