Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cell phone skins and accessories

When I was in my networking meeting this morning, I noticed that most everyone had some type of cellular accessories such cell phone skin or bluetooth. Two of the people at my table had cell phone skins(I like the clear cases better) and a total of five people in the group had bluetooth headsets on during the meeting. While I understand the need for hands free, I really feel that many people are abusing the handsfree and bluetooth equipment by wearing it constantly. I think it is very rude to be wearing one of those when you are in a meeting or talking with someone because it's very hard to tell if you are talking on the phone or talking to the person in front of you. If it was me I think I would opt for a handsfree kit for my car and just leave it at that.

With this hands free unit, features the latest echo and noise reduction technology and easier-to-use controls with dedicated buttons for power on/off, volume up/down and calling. A must have if you live in a state that prohibits vehicle cell phone use.

My current phone is a flip phone and I've been considering getting a new one but I'm not sure what kind I want. I am leaning towards the non-flip phones that are easier to text with, something like a Blackjack or a Blackberry. Since I'm trying to get started dating, I would like to be able to text easier because that seems to be the new thing when you are first chatting with someone of interest.

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