Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Biggest Biggest Loser in history

Wow, what a great show last night. Even my mom stayed up to watch the entire thing. I think it is so great that they sent 9 of the contestants home with the opportunity to come back in 30 days if their partner is still in the game. Hopefully this will show that even if you are home you can still lose weight if you are given the right tools. I wonder if the at home contestants get the Biggest Loser meal plans delivered to their home or if they have to do the menu planning. I'm sure they each have their own personal trainer as well. For the average person, it is harder to do because we can't afford all of those tools but I will say that the support of the Biggest Loser Club is really helpful. There are constant exercise and diet reminders as well as success stories from other members. I think it's great.

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