Thursday, December 25, 2008

Texas Real Estate

Real Estate prices are down even more this month and I feel like the market will be bottoming out soon, so now is the time to buy. In Florida, there are decent homes that can be purchased for as little as $40.00 a square foot. It's a similar story in many other states including Texas. For a complete list of Austin Homes For Sale, be sure to check out Home City. In the Austin area, they have homes ranging from $52,000 to $13,500,000. Most buyers are using the internet to search for homes that meet their criteria and I think that it's a great option. When I started my home search, I used the internet and found a few homes that I wanted to look and then I stumbled upon this one. One look and I was sold. Unfortunately, since I bought values have gone down but I'm still happy where I bought and don't think that I would be as happy anywhere else.

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