Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas is a bummer this year...

For the first time in a long while, I don't get to go home for Christmas. Money is very tight right now and things are so up in the air with my job that I feel like I just don't have a choice. My parents were really hoping that I would make it, but I made the final decision on Friday that it's just not a good time be thinking about taking off work. The work situation has really got me down and I'm so desperately trying to do as many sales calls as I can. My owner is very worried about the money situation and ends up taking it out on me, even though I have tried so hard to get new accounts and bring more money in. He doesn't seem to understand that no matter how hard I try to sell it won't make a difference if the Assistant Manager doesn't change his attitude and provide better service the guests won't come back. Sooner or I will run out of corporate guests and they won't come back if things don't change. Oh well, enough about work.

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