Thursday, November 20, 2008

Buy Gifts That Relate To Hobbies

A couple of years ago I worked at a hotel where my Assistant was an avid pool enthusiast. She played on a league and also played just for fun. She was one of those people that always put a lot of thought into gifts that she gave others and would not just go to the mall to pick up whatever was on sale. I'm like that as well, I try to buy something for people that I think they will not only like but will actually use as well. One thing that I try to do is find out what their hobbies are and then buy something that pertains to that hobby. For example, for an avid bowler I would buy a bowling bag or something else related to the sport. For someone who is interested in billiards, I would buy a Pool Cue or case. I think that by buying something that they can use it shows that I care enough to listen to what they like. So this year when you are thinking about buying gifts for the Holidays, think about things that they might use on a regular basis or something that they might have mentioned over the course of the year. This is where it pays to be a good listener. My executive housekeeper has always wanted to take a class on how to do the towel animals and different towel displays. When I went on my cruise last month, Carnival was selling books to show how they make the animals so this is what I bought my Executive Housekeeper. Let's just say that I don't think she could have been much happier unless I had physically given her money. She loved it, and she loved that I had listened when she said that she wanted to learn how to do those things.

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