Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Struggling with my weight loss

This week, I'm really struggling with my weight loss in part due to the constant on the go schedule at the hotel. I was wondering if any of you have read any weight loss books that have made a difference as far as motivation or technique. I was watching Oprah today and they mentioned the book by Dr. Oz called "You On A Diet". Have any of you read that book and if so how is it working for you? I know I need to lose the weight but I seem to need a constant source of motivation so this is what I am hoping to find in a book. Also, if there are any Law Of Attraction websites dealing with weight loss or health I would be interested in taking a look.

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Weight Loss Blogger said...

Dena, it's better to think about new life style with healthy eating habbits and execise routine instead of weight loss or diets. Anyway the purpose of any diet is to move your eating habits to new healthy level.

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Erin said...

Yeah I have read the book- “You on a diet”. It is quite interesting and I really liked the solution it gave for losing both weight and waist and keeping the fat off not only for a short time but for keeps. It says that there is no need to follow strict diets and counting carbs in every meal. All you got to do is follow a diet plan cutting 100 calories everyday from your daily calorie intake. The idea behind is that dieters who cut off a whole lot of calories every day, do lose weight but soon end up regaining the same and more. So cut just 100 calories everyday from your meal and see how you lose a pound every month. It may give results slowly but it does not fail. I have been following this for a few weeks and this solution works for me. You can try it too.

Erin said...

Hi Dena, There is another book written on weight loss by Bob Harper, the diet specialist who appears as the trainers for the contestant on the Biggest Loser Show. The title of the book is- “Are You Ready?” and this book has taken an altogether different approach. It deals more with psychologically counseling people through losing weight by addressing their mental thoughts so they can be prepared to eat right for a lifetime and not just diet for a while. The book is all about conditioning the life style rather than give some diet plans. It is an interesting book as it concerned with not just shedding weight but with much larger picture, where nutritious food and exercise becomes a part of the daily life…Bob Harper has done a great job with this book and his credibility with an average American is really high as he is a household name because of his appearance in The Biggest Loser show. See if you can read it!