Thursday, September 18, 2008

My weight loss motivation

The other day I mentioned that I needed a little extra motivation to get off of my butt and I might have just found it in The Biggest Loser show that is on NBC. I watched for the first time ever and actually found it very interesting and helpful. Today I walked for the first time this week, I really haven't had much time lately. Anyway, I walked for close to a mile in my neighborhood, but I had to cut it short because I have such painful shin splints. Why does everything have to hurt so bad when I am trying to be good? It makes it SO difficult. After the green team got kicked off, I thought it was interesting that even after they got home they still continued to exercise and eat right and ended up losing quite a lot of weight. I can do ok with eating right but the exercise is so hard for me. I am going to try working out twice a day for less time and maybe it won't hurt so bad. If I can lose 30 pounds then I can get on my Gazelle and then I will be ok. Most of those people on the show lost double digits in one week. I know that is extreme dieting and workouts, but if I could do half of what they do wouldn't I possibly achieve half of the weight loss?

My new game plan is that I have a new video that I will watch in the morning and then I will try to increase my mileage by walking in the afternoon. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. I have to do this.

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