Friday, September 19, 2008

My life's To Do List and my weight loss

This is part of our Hot For The Holidays Challenge. For this week I lost .8 of a pound. Bummer! Maybe the exercise will work.

1. Tell my parents "Thank You" more often for all they have done for me over the last few years. (One example: Buying my new air conditioner in April after I bought this house in February, of course it's a loan but I would have been stuck with a crappy A/C all through the summer otherwise.)

2. Lose weight and exercise more so that I am healthy.

3. Get enough money together to either adopt or have a child on my own if the marriage and children thing doesn't happen.

4. Visit Czech Republic (it's been a dream since 2001)

5. Visit Africa (either on a mission or as a tourist)

6. Find someone to grow old with.

7. To be debt free.

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Julie said...

Great to do list! Sounds like you have great parents. .8 lbs is not a bad loss ... it is a loss! If you keep this up you will be down in no time.

Honey Mommy said...

Hey at least you lost weight!
You are on your way.

Jen said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! You are so kind! I too LOVE the Biggest Loser! It's such a motivation show for me and I plan to use that motivation to my benefit this week! I loved your answers to this week's question as well. Oh and Lucky you to live in Florida! I love it there. I was just there a bit ago visiting my SIL and her family! :)

Dena said...

Thanks for visiting. I really feel like this week is going to be better than last. I have a game plan and I will work from that.

Christie O. said...

Hey, .8 is still a loss!!! Don't short yourself!!

I love your list. I was gonna do #3 too myself. The hubby thing came on unexpectedly for me, but I was totally up for it if it hadn't happened!!

I really love number 1 too, I have to do that more often myself.
Great job this week! Keep going, sister!

Jamie said...

Great job this week! A loss of any kind in this game is a great thing. Enjoy!