Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Married Men Suck!

Have you ever met a man who pretended to be single and then weeks into the relationship found out that they were in fact married? Well, I have and it was terrible. Several years ago I met a man who I really clicked with and he told me everything that I wanted to hear and then after I began to grow attached to him he told me that he was married with a child. Apparently he thought that I would be fine with this little tidbit but he couldn't have been more wrong. Now, I try to make extra certain that any man that I go out with is in fact "single" when they say they are. One example of this would be to look into Marriage and Divorce Public Records. Not only can you find out if they have been married but if they tell you that they are divorced, you can now set your mind at ease by checking the records to make sure that the divorce is final.

Luckily, my marriage radar has been working overtime so I don't think that kind of fiasco will be happening again.

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