Saturday, September 20, 2008

Marketing my new business venture

The other day I told you about a new business venture that I was considering in anticipation that my hotel may be in the middle of a sale. I am also considering this business venture because I have been so short of money lately and have completely depleted what savings I had. I have a few brochures that I had printed a couple of years ago that just need to be modified a little and then I will be mailing some out and then doing onsite sales calls with some of the local hotels. Another thing that I am working on is a website where I can list all of the options available to hoteliers as well as recruiting home based workers. One of the things that I think would be really helpful would be to have some sort of PowerPoint or video that can be placed on the website to explain in detail the services that will be offered.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be building my website as well as preparing to launch my business on October 1st. If I decide to do some sort of video this will take some time, but I think it might be worth it. Richter Studios is a Chicago Video Production company that specializes in this type of video production to be used in presentations, websites, and promotional videos. Not only can they shoot the video but if I come up with a video they can add their special post productions touch to make the video really great. They provide editors and animators that can help your website include 2D graphics, 3D animations, text treatments, logo animations, stylized effects and animation wizardry. While this is currently not something that I can afford, I would like to have this kind of presentation added to my website once I have been established for a little while.

My marketing budget right now is quite small, primarily consisting of a company website, new business cards, postage, gas and the time needed to do in person sales calls. Unfortunately, with my current position I will be unable to complete sales calls during the day so I think my best bet will be mailing my brochure and then following up with a phone call.

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