Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ever thought about Lap Band Surgery?

Have you ever been so desperate to lose weight that you have thought about lap band surgery or have actually had lap bandsurgery? I'm actually getting to that point. I'm going to give it another year and if I'm not down at least 50 pounds by this time next year, I will seriously look into this as an option if my financial situation has improved enough to support it. When I went to training last year, I met a woman who had that lapband surgery and had lost around 80 pounds. She ate everything that we did, but in smaller portions. An April 10, 2007 article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal recommends bariatric or weight loss surgery as an acceptable option for people for whom all other conventional weight loss methods have failed. I'm so worried about my health that I feel like getting the weight off is a do or die situation. Research has shown that the gastric(lap) band can also help patients significantly resolve or improve certain health conditions including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, hypertension or other serious conditions. I think I have mentioned in the past that I am starting to exhibit signs of diabetes and that really worries me. My grandmother had diabetes and had to take shots every day. I do not want to get to that point and I will do everything in my power to prevent it. While I'm not quite sure if lap band surgery is covered by insurance, I do know that many clinics offer financing. Over the years, I have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on weight loss tools and diet pills so if it comes down to it, this might not be a bad option.

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rebecca said...

You can go to and weatonapricefoundation to learn about proper diet. The info you get from mainstream media is not helpful. You don't need a lot of money, pills or tools. You need to eliminate MSG (causes you to be hungry, among other things), Sugar (raises insulin, causes you to feel hungry and use calories for fat instead of energy), artificial sweeteners, refined foods, caffeine (secretion of cortisol, which causes you to store fat) and hydrogenated and refined fats as well as fats from corn-fed animals. No animal in nature counts calories or takes diet pills, yet they are not fat, except for our domestic animals who eat the same poor diet as us. It is simple and inexpensive to lose weight and keep it off, but you MUST change your diet and eliminate refined foods etc. Also petrochemicals such as plastics will cause you to store fat and gain weight. You can read my blog about that too. Good luck. I hope you read this stuff and learn about it, surgery is risky and not the true answer.

rebecca said...

Oh yeah, I forgot about hypnosis! Works excellent, you can get good hypnosis CDs and listen to them every night, go to Steven g jones website!