Monday, September 08, 2008

Airport Pizza Shops Available

Are you traveling in September? Have some pizza on Customer Service Experts while you wait for your flight!

They need ticketed shoppers who are flying through various Airports in September to evaluate a well-known pizza chain. They also have non-airport locations available.

These shops must be completed before September 24th.

Most of the airport locations are Post-Security so if you are flying through or badged at an airport please apply!

You will be required to have an interaction with an associate, ask a product related question, and make a food purchase. This shop should only take a few minutes to conduct onsite.

These shops pay $10 per location and we will reimburse up to $7 for the required food purchase when original receipt is provided. Airport parking and tolls may also be reimbursed.

An online report detailing your experience is due within 24 hours of shop completion.

If you would like more information please email

Login for current shoppers or apply for new shoppers.

Available Shops:
* DC: Washington->

* FL: Pensacola->

* GA: Atlanta->

* NY: Flushing->

* PA: Philadelphia, Somerset, Waterfall->

* TX: San Antonio->

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