Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who Loves Black Friday? I do! I do!!

Attention Shoppers! Black Friday is about 3 months away, are you ready? I don't know about you but I start looking forward to Black Friday Shopping at leat 6 weeks ahead of time. For me, it means that my parents will be visiting but it also means that I will get to shop with my mom and I love that. When I lived in Indiana, we used to go shopping all the time but now that we live so far apart we end up either not going or we end up going alone. Every once in awhile I will go shopping with my friend Niki but it's just not the same.

This year, the best thanksgiving ads and circulars can be found in advance. Not only will you save big money by shopping on Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving but this site will let people purchase Black Friday items online without the hassle of having to stand in line at the store at 5am. I like the shopping part but the standing in line part I hate. This site also offers an email alert service to let you know when new black friday ads have been posted. This consumer friendly site can be very helpful for planning your holiday shopping in advance.

They have lots of stores listed but some of my favorites are Old Navy, JC Penney, CVS, and KMart. Two of my other favorites are Big Lots and Walgreens so I'm hoping to see those added soon.

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Sassy Mama Bear said...

Want the truth? I HATE Black Friday, I refuse to go out into the madness for sale items that generally are not worth it anymore.
Oh I've done the whole up before dawn, stand in line saga, last time I fought a woman at Target for the last original Tickle Me Elmo on the shelf.

Sherry said...

Friday is my favourite because its towards the weekend. :)

Emily N. said...

I got some great Black Friday deals by shopping online last year, and I got to shop in the comfort of my own home instead of in chaotic crowded stores.