Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Forbes List of New Generation Billionaires

According to, America has a whole new generation of Billionaires. I found this to be so interesting, because some of them are just regular people who obviously had the desire and know how that it took to come up with a winning idea. For example, Michael Birch and his wife Xochi are just 38 and 36 and sold their social networking site, Bebo, to AOL for $850 million. Michael is now concentrating on a new site called

Always a top money maker, but currently set to join the ranks of future Billionaire's is Tiger Woods, 32. He could soon be the first billionaire to make his money through a sport.

Other big money makers include Roelof Botha, 34, who invested in You Tube and earned a 65 fold return, Chase Coleman who is 33 and a fund manager who earned over $400 million this year.

Another interesting addition to the list, could be 38 year old Tyler Perry who is well known for highly comedic productions and made over $125 million last year.

Another dot com guy who is set to join the list is Elon Musk who made his first big sale at 27 and then co-founded Paypal, which was then sold to Ebay. He now has a company called SpaceX who provides cheap, reliable space travel to governments and satellite companies.

After reading this article, I asked myself what do the people have that I don't. What made them successful? Elon Musk says that he contributes "drive" to one of his most important qualities but I think that it takes a little more than that. These people have the knowledge to succeed in addition to the drive that he talks about. Granted, we could all gain knowledge by going to school and learning new things but would we all succeed.. Probably not. I have lots of knowledge about various things but my problem is that I am sometimes too unfocused. I think that if I concentrate more on one thing and less on lots of little things then I would probably be much more successful.

What do you think? What is one big money making idea that you had that you put into place that may or may not have worked out like you thought? Here's your chance to get some free publicity, because I will list your ideas here in a new blog entry on Saturday.

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Mekhismom said...

I think that going to school has nothing to do with being successful. I agree that if you have the drive and determination you will succeed. It will take several failures but with persistence you will get to the top.

Sherry said...

I always want to know how to make money. I think it will take me long time to earn like billionaires.