Tuesday, August 05, 2008

More Mystery Shops

CSE has GOLF SHOPS in many areas. We are looking for people that have golfed once in the past two years, or a beginner with a golfer to complete a course evaluation. If you have shopped any of these locations before you are STILL eligible to shop so please email Kimberly@CustomerServiceExperts.com right away!!!

SHOP PAY IS $30!!!

The shopper is required to evaluate the entire course, including playing a full round of golf on the day of the shop. If you have not played once in the past two years, but your friend is an avid golfer, bring them along! You can do the shop as they teach you to golf!

While you are there, you will evaluate a pro-shop where you can make a small reimbursable purchase, or buy anything you'd like and receive a portion of the total reimbursed, a beverage cart that will come to you as you play, and a food location where you and your partner can have lunch. That way, the whole day is complete! Golf purchase, drinks, a meal, and green fees! Learn or play while earning your shop fee!


There is one online evaluation form to complete when you return from the shop.

Shop Pay: $30
Assigned Shopper ONLY will be reimbursed fully for all of the following:
Greens fee
Cart fee for Shopper ONLY
Range fee (if applicable to your location)

Additional Reimbursements:
Shopper -
Beverage Cart expense
Clubhouse Food & Beverage location expense
Pro Shop expense
Guest -
Beverage Cart expense
Clubhouse Food & Beverage location expense

Available Shops:
* AL: Gadsden->
* CA: Apple Valley->
* FL: Jacksonville->
* GA: Rome->
* IL: Auburn, Orland Park->
* OH: Cincinnati->
* OK: Tulsa->
* TX: Panorama Village->
* WA: Ridgefield->

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

I have to chuckle at the thought of me trying this one....I have not golfed since I was 15, that was 18 years ago. I am sure I would look the major fool. also I have never heard of this golf shop, the only one we have in town, is owned by a friend of the family, and he routinely has me mystery shop to get a feedback report on his employees. he owns numerous stores in town.